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Going around Palawan can be easy for tourists if they understand how it works. Like other beaming tourist places in the country, rates and charges are major issues in this category of transportation. This is especially felt by both local and foreign tourists. If you are a foreign traveler visiting Palawan, please be aware that most probably you will be charged higher than everyone else. This happens to most of the places in the Philippines. This seems to be a sickness that is normally seen in a Third-World country where many locals have the mindset that it is “ok” to do this because being a foreigner simply means having more money. Anyway, please be aware of that so it won’t shock or ruin your holiday here, which might happen to anybody when dealing with this matter.


  1. TricycleOne of the most common ways of getting around the city and Transportation in Palwan Tricyclesome municipalities in Palawan or the Philippines in that sense. They charge lower than the bigger counterparts and is like a small taxi cab on three wheels. The distance they go ranges from a minimum few streets away to as far as 20km.
    : Minimum of Php10 for a few blocks to 1km, Php 100-350 if you want to hire them for a particular city destination.
    Reality for tourists: Most likely they will charge you from Php 50-Php100 for first 1km and sometimes I hear amounts like Php500 being asked. It really depends on the drivers. Just say “no thanks” and keep asking different tricycles until you find something that is reasonable.
    Tip: Always ask and agree on the price first before hopping-in to avoid surprises of amount upon arrival to the desired destination. And try not to have them wait for you outside your restaurant or hotel. They might charge more for waiting. Unless, of course, you don’t mind paying.
  2. Jeep / Multicab — They are public transportation with assigned routes. Transportation in PalawanThey can usually fill up to the maximum capacity. This translates to a very cramped travel experience for a warning. Please check the Barangay name of your destination when riding a jeep / multicab. You can also ask the driver for help in which route you need to go to.
    Min. Php10 for first 1.5-3km, Farther places like from City proper of Puerto Princesa to Irawan is up to Php 35. This applies for both locals and tourists.
  3. Mini Van /Tour Vans — This is a popular way for tourist to travel in Palawan. Many of them are seen at the airport and public terminals. It is also most likely that your Transportation in Palawan Tour Vanshotel will be picking you up from or will be dropping you off to the airport with these vehicles. They are also popular when traveling from the City of Puerto Princesa to anywhere in Palawan. They are often known to be dangerously fast and for their reckless-driving. It will help improve your prayer life.
    : Php 200 for 123 km. (Puerto-Narra), Php 600 for 231 km. (Puerto-El Nido). Because they drive so reckless it can cut down the traveling time with about 1 hour or so. They charge about Php50-Php250 more than the bigger Bus. Hiring the whole van can get up to Php14,000.
  4. Bus — One of the oldest way of going around in Palawan. It has better room for legs and has better size in general compared to Tour Vans. Although they get to the Transportation in Palawan Busdestination slower than their van counterparts, it is considered a good choice for a more comfortable traveling. This is especially recommended when traveling to over 3 hours and to far places like El Nido.
    Charges: They are generally lower in rates than vans. Php 450 (Puerto-El Nido), Php 100 (Puerto-Narra)
  5. TaxiVery new in Puerto Princesa. They are at the moment white, but I was informed that a new taxi company will be joining and their taxi is yellow. If you travel within city proper taxis are often a nice and comfortable way of traveling. If you travel with a group it is something even cheaper than getting a tricycle. The charges are as follow: Php40 to start with + php 7.50 per 500 meters.
    Palawan Transportation
    We will, step-by-step, update the information for each type of transportation as prices change. Let us know if there is some info missing that you would like to know about. So we can improve our webpage step by step and make it more accurate.

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