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There are times that certain Christian DVDs or books causes a big stir (Gonzalez Responds to Privileged Planet Attacks) in the world. Here is one of those DVDs – The Privileged Plant – a must see for every Christian.
If you haven’t seen The Privileged Planet yet (Watch Trailer), I would recommend you to watch it. In this DVD the producers show us some amazing and stunning pictures and images of the galaxies and the earth.
Through the Privileged Planet DVD the producers show us how slim – to be honest really impossible – the chances are that the earth just evolved (Evolution Theory) – Watch Privileged Planet Clip of the Galactic location of the Earth on Youtube – or just popped out of thin air (Big Bang) – Watch The Privileged Planet The Earth’s Significance Clip on Youtube.
Although the Scientist are Christian the documentary is not taken from that point of view. It is really just focused scientifically on the existence of the earth and the place it takes in the galaxy (Watch Chapter 1 of 12).
After reading so many positive reviews (check out some on Amazon) about the Privileged Planet I decided to post this item on my blog. The Privileged Planet DVD was released on September 29, 2010 so not that old yet. Even if not a Christian watching the Privileged Planet is just worth buying to watch the amazing pictures on this DVD.
For those who are interested in buying a DVD or already bought one here are links for  a FREE Privileged Planet Study Guide and a FREE Privileged Planet  Teacher’s Guide

5 Star Rating Privileged Planet DVD

Thanks for reading review and let me know what you think.
In my opinion the Privileged Planet deserves 5 STARS
Be blessed, Arthur

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