Review of Father of Lights DVD by Wanderlust Productions (WP Films)

In 2006 Darren released his first documentary Finger of God followed by Furious Love and after 5 years closed with what Wilson calls the epic trilogy Father of Lights (Watch Trailer).
After watching the first 2 releases I didn’t think it could get much better, but wow was I wrong. Father of Lights is an awesome .. no let me restate that … Father of Lights is a spectacular fabulous awesome documentary about the Father God and His love for each of us. That is how good it is. I don’t have words to express myself.
Just so you don’t think it is only me who is excited check out this clip of Father of Lights DVD.
Enjoy  …

Introduction of FATHER OF LIGHTS DVD by Darren Wilson from on Vimeo.

Darren and his team takes us on a journey through different countries like USA, China, India, Israel and Africa, where they are recording God’s work as it is happening. As they are documenting His work the Father is step by step revealing more and more of Himself. It was like watching a documentary that was directed by God the Father. It was such a
blessing to see this DVD. (Other good reviews to read Revival Magazine & Christian Movies)

If you are interested in getting more background info about Trilogy I can recommend you to watch these 2 great interviews on YouTube. The first interview was done by Rev. Maria

Goldstein (Voices in the Wilderness) and the second interview was done by Alice Clarke (Revival Magazine).

I like to close with Darren’s own words “Father of Lights is the final film in the Finger of God/Furious Love trilogy. It is big, epic, and above all, challenging.” and “I find it interesting how God started my story, and the story of these films, kind of on the periphery, with the signs and wonders phenomena, and has slowly moved me closer and closer into the very heart of the gospel. Gemstones and gold dust are great and all, but they aren’t smack in the center of God’s heart. Neither are miracles. With Furious Love, we’re getting closer, moving into His love for the lost and the broken. But with Father of Lights, we hit the center of all things, and it’s going to make some people very uncomfortable. Especially religious people.” (To read whole article where Darren Wilson is introducing Father of Lights DVD)


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