REVIEW – God of Wonders DVD – Free

by Eternal Productions

“Exploring the wonders of Creation, Conscience and the Glory of God”

God of Wonders DVD was released in 2008 – Watch God of Wonders Trailer. God of Wonders DVD is a 85 minute documentary full with beautiful nature scenes, scientific insights and appropriate scriptures with the aim to reveal the wonders of our Creator. The DVD highlights the following topics: Universe, Energy, Water molecule, DNA, Seeds, Birds and Butterflies.

A great documentary for all ages. God of Wonders DVD was really produced for the Christian public and therefore ideal to use in small groups, bible study, home schooling and Sunday School. However also perfect in outreaches like prison ministry, youth centers, etc. – FREE teacher’s guide in PDF or WORD file.

The amazing feature about God of Wonders DVD is that it is available in at least 22 different languages. Yep you read it correct. No typo mistake.
As if that is not enough God of Wonders can be watched for FREE. Eternal Productions doesn’t seem to mind as long as it is not used for profit. The main purpose is to get the DVD spread all over the world. So be sure to watch this DVD and help spread God of Wonders.

All in all I give God of Wonders DVD 5 STARS

Watch for FREE Full Version of God of Wonders:
English Version
Japanese Version
Nederlandse Versie
German Version
Tagalog Version


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