REVIEW – Furious Love by Darren Wilson

Furious love by darren WilsonREVIEW FURIOUS LOVE DVD by Darren Wilson

After Darren’s first release of FINGER OF GOD he received a very positive response and Finger of God became a bestseller. Finger of God sold 75,000 copies (Read my Review). FURIOUS LOVE (Watch Trailer) is Darren’s sequel and boy it is good.

Although Furious Love is very different than Finger of God, at other points it is the same. Does that sound confusing? Let me explain.

In both DVDs Darren points out the love and power of God followed by signs, wonders and miracles. However, in Furious Love there seems to be more a focus on the spiritual realm. As Charisma Magazine says “Furious Love became Wilsonโ€™s journey into the most evil places to document acts and experiences of Godโ€™s furious love that overcomes any darkness” and Christian Company Movieguide explains the term darkness better by mentioning that Furious Love deals with topics like deliverance, witchcraft, the occult and satanic worship.

All in all I thought Darren did a great job. Although a little more graphic than Finger of God, my 2 sons (10 years & 12 years) had no problem watching Furious Love.

If you want to watch a great interview to know and understand more about Furious Love check out Sid Roth’s interview on It’s Supernatural. I enjoyed watching it. Very well done!
Interview Furious Love Part 1
Interview Furious Love Part 2
Interview Furious Love Part 3

In closing all in all I give Darren 5 Stars for Furious Love.


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