Public Market in Palawan


Pubic Market and Fruit stalls

Pubic Market in Puerto Princesa City

Philippines is a third world country which means it is very different from the Western countries. We hope that through this webpage, we will show what we mean by different. Through this article we will introduce you to our public market and fruit stalls.

Often, when we say Public Market or “Palengke” in the Philippines, it will automatically mean a very smelly and dirty place. My youngest brother once Public Market and Fruitwalked around the market with his hand covering his nose almost the entire time 🙁

Puerto Princesa City and Palawan itself are considered generally a clean city and province if you will compare it with the others found in this country. To me personally, I am very happy with how things look here in terms of cleanliness and orderliness. So for me personally the market here is not really that bad. In fact, Puerto Princesa City has one of the CLEANEST markets aside from Cebu and Davao City. So please just be warned 🙂


The Wet Market

Fish Section
Market and FruitMarket and fruit

In here you can find the fresh catch of the day (well, most of them are): Tunas, Tiger Prawns, Shells, and other common small fish that Filipinos like. You have to be very brave here because it can be smelly going through the stalls. The great thing is that the fish sold here in Palawan is really cheaper than in the main cities in the Philippines. Which is really a blessing!
You will also see that many fish are really small like Sardines because Filipinos really love them and I guess they make the biggest catch to be sold to the public. The bigger fish like tuna or blue marlin can be sent to Manila or Japan leaving the market with many smaller choices.

Meat Section
Market and FruitMainly Pork and Chicken with some Beef. Beef sold here, I was informed, is not considered normal if compared to the West. (I guess I don’t know any other). The Filipino beef is very tough!
Most common meat eaten by Filipinos is chicken and pork, so that is why on the market you will mainly find chicken and pork.
Chickens sold here, again after being informed, are not so meaty compared to the west’s huge and very meaty chickens. They are smaller in size and lesser meat so please be warned again 🙂
Along with the meats and the fish are also vegetables both local and from Baguio City where vegetables like carrots, cabbage and potatoes come from.

Fruit Section
Unlike in the West, we are not so much paying attention to how our shop looks like. Market and FruitsSometimes, it seems like as long as we can display our products and sell them, whether on the floor or on a native-unpainted table, that should be fine.
With this in mind, you will see most fruit stalls with a very simple style of display: stock piling.
Local fruits are almost most of the year available. Like bananas, papayas, mangoes (green and ripe), star apple (seasonal), avocados, jackfruits.
Imported fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, pears, and lemons are also most of the time available.
Now that Palawan is developing, particularly Puerto Princesa City, you can also go to the malls if you are looking for a better looking shop where you can buy your meat or fruits. They have air-conditioned supermarkets with nicer displays. Considering the comfort and the air condition it is for some people worth paying a little extra. The quality is not always fresh unless it just arrived.
There you go, at least you have an idea what to expect when you go to our market here. And hopefully you won’t be too surprised. We hope this article was helpful 🙂

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