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public-transport-more-fun-in-the-philippinesTRANSFER TO PALAWAN

From Manila you will need to take a local flight to PPC, Palawan. (If you want to travel by Ferry here is a link – SuperFerry, ) This is a 1 hour flight and is served by several airlines. A return ticket will cost about P4000-P5000 (US$110). Depending on your arrival time you may need to stay overnight in Manila.

If you have to stay overnight, make sure you arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight time. Traffic can vary, so if going to the airport by taxi, plan to arrive at least two hours before flight departure time. Be careful to keep your airlineโ€™s name straight. Philippines Airlines, Air Philippines, Air Asia and Cebu Pacific fly out of a different Terminal. There are 4 different terminals available in Manila. Just check your e-ticket to make sure you go to the correct terminal. After checking in for your flight, it is mainly a matter of waiting until plane arrives. There is not a lot to do. You can stroll around and buy some snacks if you desire.

TIME DIFFERENCEpuerto-princesa-tricycle

Please note, the Philippines is in the same time zone as Hong Kong. Due to this time difference you will probably suffer jet lag for a few days after arrival as your body adjusts to the time difference. The best approach is to set your watch to the new hours as soon as you arrive, but donโ€™t feel bad if at times you really need to take a nap.


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