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Palawan is Travel + Leisure Magazine’s World’s Best Island for 2016. This is another reason why people are coming from all over the country and the world to see what this island has got to offer. It turns out that Palawan is attracting Sports enthusiasts both from the Philippines and outside the country.


Sport Sport

This water sports best features Palawan water and beaches, not to mention the wind during the “Amihan” season or the cool northeast wind. International competitions like the Asia’s First International Wakestyle Kiteboarding Competition was held last January at a newly open Beachfront resort in Puerto Princesa City. The competition was joined by kiteboarders from USA, Germany and Poland among the few. Both kiteboarding and kitesurfing are becoming a main-stay in the island. Clubs and schools are forming and gathering members in the main Puerto Princesa to El Nido and to Rizal that makes this sports a fast growing one.


Sports Motocross Motocross Sports

This sport has been around for quite sometime now too. Both locals and international enthusiasts come and participate in the occasional competition held in Puerto Princesa, often organized by the city government.

Underbone and Scooter Racing

Sport KartSport Kart

The new Shell-Palawan International Circuit is the latest addition to the sports attraction in the island. The race track measures 1.350km and it has a width of 8-10 meters. It is similar to it’s sister tracks in Cavite and Batangas in the Luzon island. The track is both for club members and public so everyone can experience the thrill of being in a race. I guess it is also a fun place for kids and their family especially during weekends.

So, there you go… Palawan is also becoming a great venue for cool sports activity you maybe want to try.

Have fun and don’t forget to be safe!

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