Philippines – Mitra’s Ranch in Puerto Princesa City


Mitra's Ranch

The Pyramid-shaped house inside the ranch

About 10-15 minutes walk from Baker’s Hill is Mitra’s Ranch. Mitra’s Ranch is not really big for a ranch but is worth a visit. There is lots of greens, nice cool breeze and a beautiful view over Honda Bay. Mitra’s Ranch is open for free to the public. Although there are a few limitations.

It used to be a very popular picnic site where you can bring your own food and drinks. You can compare it to Tagaytay City’s Picnic Grove in Cavite in the central part of the Luzon island. Today, it is still popular but people are discouraged to bring in their own food and have a picnic inside the property. A cork fee will be charged.

Mitra's Ranch

The Ranch is offering Ziplining too

It turned out that people were leaving trash behind after they had their picnic. Which was for free at that time. However, people were not cleaning after themselves before they left. Which leaves the ranch with their trash which is not really nice.

In the past people roamed inside the pyramid-shaped house for free. Today when you want to sit on the balcony you will have to pay a Php20 fee.


Despite of the changes mentioned, it is fun to visit Mitra and enjoy the beautiful view of Honday Bay, the blue skies (when

Mitra's Ranch

Horse back riding with a guide

the weather is nice

Mitra's Ranch

You can ride a horse here too

and sunny) and the lush greens on land wherever you look.
If you are adventurous you can the latest additions – Zipline and Horse back riding.

For those interested in zip-lining, you have a choice between a shorter one for Php 200 and the big suspended plunge for Php 500 (about 350m). Next to this they also offer horse back riding on the other hand is mostly nice for children. For Php 150 they can ride a horse one time around the pyramid-shaped house.

The property is owned by and named after the late Ramon Mitra and his family. Mitra served as former Palawan’s Governor and Congressman and then eventually got elected to Philippine Senate in his later years.

Mitra's ranch

The view from the ranch

In conclusion, whenever you are in Puerto Princesa give Mitra’s Rance a try. It is almost next to Baker’s Hill. You will enjoy the scenery and nice cool breeze.

Location: Brgy. Sta. Monica Heights
Travel Time: About 30 mins. from the city proper
Fare: Php 17 (Jeep/Multicab), Php 10-20 from the base at the highway (tricycle)

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