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Anyone interested in seeing beautiful corals then we would suggest do some island hopping in Palawan! You have to visit Honda Bay! Honda Bay is easy to get to and not very far from Puerto Princesa City. The Honda Bay Tour can include 4 or more islet tours, depending on your time or your tour itinerary.

Honda Bay Entrance

Upon arrival at Honda Bay Port you will be welcomed and directed to your assigned boats and brought to one of the islands of their choice. You can swim and snorkel on all islands. Some islands offer kayaking and diving too. For those who don’t have their own snorkeling gear, it is possible to rent it at Honda Bay Port.
Guests can choose to book a Honda Bay tour through a travel agent or just DIY. If you want to do it yourself, just go to the Port and ask the City assistance for any help. Let them know the preferred island(s) of your choice and they will appoint you a boat that can be rented.



Luli Island

Luli Island Honda BayThis island’s name is derived from 2 Filipino words such as: Lulubog (same as will submerge in water) and Lilitaw (same as appearing back up on the surface). Thus suggesting that Luli Island’s visibility depends on whether it is high or low tide.


Starfish IslandStarfish Island Honda Bay

Again, the name has got to do with the abundance of starfish seen on the island. People take photos with starfish on their hands or they can swim around them. This island is believed to be having the most population of starfish in all Palawan. I think it is very special.


Cowrie Island Honda BayCowrie Island

Another one with a name derived from something found or about the island. Cowrie gets it’s name from a sea snail that can grow big. Here at Cowrie, they also offer Nipa huts or cottages where you can sit and eat with friends under shade from the mighty Palawan sun.


Pandan IslandPandan Island Honda Bay

Now, I don’t know why it is called like that, but a pandan leaf is used to give nice sweet aroma to a rice or a desert. So maybe they are implying that it is a nice place to be.
Pandan island also has nipa cottages that you can rent while hanging out on Pandan Island. You can also have a massage while relaxing to the sound of the wind and ocean in your ears. There is a store where you can buy some snacks or any kind of refreshing.

Honda Bay island hopping is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the islands found in the Puerto Princesa Bay area. Aside from the islands mentioned, there are more islands you can choose from. For example some other islands are: Dos Palmas, Snake Island and Pambato reef.

View when snorkelingTips for Island-hoppers

Please make sure you are protected when you go island-hopping. For more info on What to Bring please click HERE.

  • Make sure you are wearing Sunscreen with broad spectrum and has SPF30 – SPF50. For white-skinned tourists, you will need at least SPF 50, because the Palawan sun is veery strong. I repeat, veery strong! Make sure your nose, your forehead, the back of your neck, and the back of your ears are well covered too.
  • You might want to take some anti-bug lotion with you as some beaches have sand flies. They itch so BAD and heals soo SLOW so be sure to be aware of that.
  • Wear polarized and anti-UV rays shades. It is very bright out there and is not good for your eyes if exposed that way.
  • Lastly, you can also wear a hat. It takes quite sometime going to Honda Bay so keep yourself protected form sunburn as much as possible.
  • Finally, go as early as possible to Honda Bay. Best time is most likely 5am-6am. After 12 noon the wind increases, which means there will be a lot of waves. So best time to visit Honday Bay is before 12 noon so you are able to see the coral reefs and enjoy the beauty. After that, depending on the wind, you maybe will not be able to see anything because the water is too rough.

All set? Then enjoy yourself and have fun when swimming, snorkeling, kayaking or just taking some pictures. Enjoy the nice beaches and white sand at Honda bay. Mabuhay!!!

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