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So far, we have been showing you the fun things you can do when in Palawan and in this case, in Puerto Princesa City. Now, we will feature yet another fun adventure: Dolphin Watching.

Dolphin Watching

Apparently Dolphin watching is available only when the weather is good. The tour itself starts from 7am till about 11am. This is perfect for those who have a return flight in the afternoon. Instead of lounging in your hotel room for the last few hours of your stay in Palawan (which is by the way good too ๐Ÿ™‚ )!

The reason this tour is only available during nice weather is because of the risk of being hampered by big waves and strong winds out in the open sea. The dolphins definitely can manage but it will be dangerous for tourists to brave the open sea of Palawan when it is windy. Maybe good to write an article next time about strength of Palawan seas…hmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

BOOKING CHOICESThe View of Baywalk Sunrise

For those who doesn’t want the hassle of bargaining and looking around we advice you to book your Dolphin Watching Tour through your preferred Travel Agency. As of this writing (August 23, 2016), the rate for the booked tour costs Php 1000+ (about USD 21.6). This is inclusive of air-conditioned mini van transfer, boat transfer, licensed tour-guide, boatman, dolphin spotter and a light snack. Snack consists of a sandwich and a bottled drink.

Dolphin WatchingFor DIY customers go personally to Baywalk to be accommodated. They charge Php 800 (USD 17.21) for this type. Book ahead of time so you are guaranteed to have a space to see the dolphins. Otherwise, they might not accommodate you due to fully booked tours.You can always hire a boat if there is one available. Hiring the entire boat could be cheaper if you have a group to share it with.


The Dolphins you will see are Spinner Dolphins (Scientific name: Stenella Longirostris). They are found in tropical off-shore waters all over the world. They are famous for their acrobatic skills.

Dolphin Watching

Mass (Adult): 23-79kg (50-174.16lb)

Length (Adult): 1.3-2.4m

Higher Classification: Stenella

(Thanks Wikipedia for the short dolphin information ๐Ÿ™‚ )

These dolphins seem to be very friendly and like to swim Dolphin Watchingalong the boat or with the wave that the boat is creating. They sometimes get so close that you can touch them. However, please note that this tour says โ€œDolphin Watchingโ€ and not dolphin touching. These lovely creatures are wild and not trained, therefore, touching them is not allowed. Meaning that they can see your hand as something dangerous and will attack if necessary.

If you would like to see some dolphins close up and the whether permits go for. This kind of opportunity doesn’t happen every day.


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