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The currency used by the Philippines is known as Pesos (P). It is possible to cash travelers’ checks, but this is sometimes difficult and is in general discouraged. There are enough Automated Teller Machines (ATM) available for withdrawing money in the form of Pesos.

The only factor is that the machines often have a withdrawal limit of P4000-P5000 per transaction. However, it is possible to make 2 transactions at the same time. This means that your bank will charge you an ATM fee for withdrawing money. This can vary from US$1- US$5 per transaction.

The cheapest way to exchange money is by bringing US$ with you and when desired, you can exchange it.

NOTE: Please be aware that when outside of Puerto Princesa City there are no ATM’s available to withdraw money. You will need to bring cash with you when traveling in Palawan.


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