Palawan WWII Memorial Museum

Palawan Military Museum


In the middle of a growing City in the forest is a hidden jewel known as Palawan Special Battalion WWII Memorial Museum. This is basically a Military Museum showcasing memorabilia from the World War II era.




Military MuseumThis military museum was created in dedication to the local and national hero, Dr. Higinio C. Mendoza, Sr. M.D. and the guerilla fighters who have fought during the war.
He had served as a Governor in Palawan between 1931-1938. Dr. Mendoza organized the first Guerilla Fources in Palawan in 1942. Just three months away from the Japanese occupation in Palawan. The men were called, the Palawan Fighting One Thousand Guerilla Unit of World War II. This company was instrumental in guarding the shorelines of the province and for the capture and execution of Japanese spies. These spies were Filipinos who belonged to a group known as Makapili.

Palawan Military Museum Palawan Military Museum

The museum was opened by Dr. Mendoza’s son, Mr. Higinio “Buddy” Mendoza. You can find WWII artifacts and other memorabilia that originates from a private collection done over many years. The museum opened on December 07, 2011. It was also in time with the 70th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing by the Japanese Imperial Fighters in Hawaii.

I find this museum a small jewel for the people in Palawan. Many of us are not aware of the rich history we have. This museum provides some information about the history of WWII. Together with some display that dates from that period. Both tourists and locals from all over the island come here for both recreation and educational purposes.



Military Museum Military Museum
A personal favorite in this museum are the 2 vintage vehicles. The WWII Willy’s MB Jeep and the 1957 Buick Roadmaster Sedan. Just standing beside these automobiles gives me chills. It feels like I am going back in time just by standing beside them. It’s awesome! The museum itself is very simple but worth the visit. It is very close to our International Airport. So sometimes you will hear the planes take off.

Imelda Marcos' Shoes at the Palawan Military Museum

Imelda Marcos’ Shoes in WWII? Never mind, think it’s worth the place in the museum 🙂

Over-all, the WWII Memorial Museum is worth stopping-by when in Puerto Princesa City. I know that WWII was one of the most horrible experiences many endured. All the hurts and lives lost makes it a very dark part of the world’s history, including Palawan’s.

To close this, I will share a quote from an unknown writer:

“The past is behind learn from it. The future is ahead prepare for it. The present is here live it.”

Location: Barangay Bancao-Bancao, Puerto Princesa City (5 mins. from the airport)
Fees/Charges: Php 30 (Adults), Free for children under 10 years old.
Contact no.: 0999 656 2471
Opening Hours: 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm


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