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June 30, 2016 was the day when Rodrigo Duterte (doo-ter-teh) assumed office as the 16th President of the Philippines. The tough-talking President was widely known for leading a southern Philippine city of Davao as a Mayor. Being the first elected Philippine President from the southern region or Mindanao, that says a lot about the vast Filipino population’s hopes that he will be the leader they believe who will bring good changes in the country just like the way he had led Davao.
He is noted according to the reports, for “transforming the city (Davao) from the murder capital of the nation to what tourism organizations there now call ‘the most peaceful city in Southeast Asia’.” Mr. Duterte has been tied to a vigilante group called Davao Death Squad who are responsible for decades of extrajudicial killings—targeting confirmed illegal drug dealers which he is now promising to implement in the country now that he is the President.
Not only is he popular for being responsible for the killings mainly of illegal drug addicts and dealers, but he is also known to be a fighter of corruption which is easily seen in Davao City. People can see how there is a big difference on how government employees deals with the common people in general than in most places. He doesn’t like the people to ‘wait’. Talking about cues, permit applications or any other transactions made with the government which is a stinking problem to most cities and municipalities in the county.
To make this short, Filipinos are tired and are crying out for change from hopelessness, crime and huge corruption that has paralized the country in many ways and for many many years already. The result: election of Rodrigo Duterte to the highest office in the land. Somebody who doesn’t talk like a President, who is not from the main region but from the terrorist-haven Mindanao, is not a celebrity compared to a normal politician who loves to be in the spotlight, and is not endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church which is a gigantic influence in the country.
Now, how is his leadership felt in Palawan, particularly in Puerto Princesa? Reports say that people in areas in the bigger cities of Manila widely known to be very poor and extremely dangerous states a difference in that they feel “safer” due to the efforts being done by the newly installed President with the national police to fight against drugs and crime in general. That is a great sign for the new Administration of Mr. Duterte in his first month in office. While here in Puerto Princesa, City government particularly few council members are committing for drug tests in response to the President’s anti-drug campaign. Police are getting more and more visible in the city as they are seen on the streets patrolling, especially during the evening. Something that they don’t normally do other than their usual rounding. But the most interesting thing here is the response of the people to having Duterte as their new President. You will hear them quoting the President when it comes to issues of corruption when dealing with the government agencies and how they feel that it is maybe not seen big yet but definitely change will come and it is coming very soon. People seem to have high hopes with this administration, something that is good and something that is going to help this country move forward as President Duterte establishes his leadership in the land.

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