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Filipinos love food and they eat almost the same anywhere you are in the country. Some are more extreme than others. People in Palawan prefer mild flavored food. They particularly like grilled (inasal) chicken, big to tiny fish, local vegetables, and of course don’t forget white rice.
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Most of the local dishes has one of the following ingredients: Soy sauce, Fish sauce, Tomato sauce, or Vinegar. Although Filipino’s love their local foods, foreign visitors need not to worry. Pizzas , pastas, and McDonald’s are a favorite here too. However be aware that for a Filipino eating pizzas, pastas or burgers is often considered a snack and not a proper meal. Which need to contain rice. So if you are a visiting tourist from the West who would like to treat a Filipino for a simple snack please be aware that it can be a big meal!

Popular Filipino banana snack (Banana Cue & Turon)
This is a cooking banana variety called “Saba” (sah-bah). Banana cue is the deep-fried banana cooked in caramelized brown sugar that when cooked forms small sugar crumbs all over the bananas and then skewered on a bamboo stick (caramel in deep-fried bananas is hot). Turon is just the egg roll wrapped version of banana cue without being skewered.

Filipino Food Banana Cue and TuronAlthough not as popular as in other cities another popular Filipino food is roasted pig called ‘Lechon.’ And there is also the stir-fried noodles cooked with vegetables and meat locally called ‘Pansit’.

Filipino food lechon Filipino food pansit

Culture Tip: Filipinos have their own idea of being “polite”.
If ever you passed by somebody who is eating and invites you to join in by telling you “Let’s eat”, try to respond by saying ‘Thanks’ or ‘No, thanks’. They don’t actually mean to ask you to join. It is just part of the culture for the people eating to say to the ones they know who sees them eat to tell them “Let’s eat” or “Kain” (kah-een).

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