Finger of God by Darren Wilson – Inspiring, Encouraging and Convicting all at once!

FingerofGodWow! Wow! Finger of God is the first documentary done by Darren Wilson (To watch trailer). Until now he has done 4 more (Furious Love, Father of Light, Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost Reborn) … they are all a must to see for every Christian.
For too long I read in the Bible about the miracles Jesus performed and His disciples. It is very tempting to think that those miracles are for then and not now.
This video challenged me to realize that nothing has changed between what was going on in the early church to what is possible in today’s church! We limit God sooo much! We love to keep our God in a box where HE is safe.
As we all Christians know, supernatural doesn’t means it’s from God. Through this DVD we can see that Darren Wilson is exactly struggling with this same concept. Are these miracles from God or not?
Darren Wilson takes us on his journey as he is trying to find the answer if things like gold dust, gems or manna appearing out of tin air are from God (to listen to an interview on youtube).

God’s love is so amazing and powerful if we only stop putting Him in a box! Watch this DVD and I know for sure you will be inspired, encouraged and convicted all at the same time.


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