Take Action – start doing something towards your goal


Take Action .. Nothing happens to a person who stays in bed.
So get up and show up.
That’s the #1 rule for success according to self made millionaire Grant Cardone.
The more you show up, the more action you put into your life.
The more your talents and skills will show.
A call comes in? Take the call!
Have an appointment? Show up and be there early!

Just because you are not prepared for a meeting doesn’t mean you should skip it or walk in late. You will learn to swim only when you hit the water.

You can only learn to ride a bike when you get on a bike.
So squash your fears of failures and start doing something.
Trying and failing is better than not showing up at all.

New Middle Class .. being a millionaire


When you get to a million dollars you’re like, “Oh, that’s nothing.” It wasn’t a celebration .. it was a realization that’s no money ..
Millionaire is the new middle class. Millionaire status today is the middle class of the 1960’s. When you got a million dollars today you are going to realize that you got about 4-5 years money. Some of you think I can live on that forever. You are wrong .. You just have done the math yet ..

When you start making it .. you’ll want to start making more. It is not about greed. It is about help. Because all of a sudden you realize .. oh I can help my church .. I can help the local school .. I can help my kids more .. I can help my mom now.

It requires you to do things that are uncomfortable.
It requires you to meet people who you don’t feel like meeting.
It requires you to go into environments that are unfamiliar.
You have to extrovert even when you feel like introverting.

I say go get rich. Go and help a bunch of people and when you get rich? Go get richer!

Travel is not going to solve your problems


Millennial’s need a reality check from self made millionaire Grant Cardone. Millennial’s are on track to spend $1.4 Trillion on traveling each year by 2020 and are 23 percent more likely to go on holiday abroad than older generations.
But for all the traveling Cardone says life will likely be no better at the end of it and finances will likely be worse.
Instead of traveling Cardone suggests Millennial’s pay the price today .. working hard and gaining marketable skills so they can pay any price in the future.

I can travel the world in my own plane today because I put in the hard work and became serious about my career when I was 25.

So get obsessed with your purpose in the world and let your travel plans wait.

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