Puerto Princesa City, Philippines


I am a private investor. Individuals and companies who are craving to receive a reasonable return from their funds contact me. People who are fed up with receiving just 0.5%-1% on their bank accounts come to me and ask if I can invest their money.

Since I am a private investor I do not offer anyone to invest their funds, but rather I offer fixed deposits. Meaning that those who deposit their funds and borrow their money to me will receive an annual interest of 10%.

I will use the money to invest in areas where I expect a much higher return. So in short we both benefit. People who deposit their funds will receive 10% annual interest, while I take the risk and use my time to invest it in fast growing companies, real estate, option and stock market.

All I require is that people give me at least a 3 month notice when they want to withdraw their funds. Because once I receive your funds I will invest it in certain projects, so funds are not always available in cash. However, most of the time if there is enough notice it is not a problem.

If interested in receiving 10% interest on your deposits, feel free to contact me.