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Palawan has always been attracting tourist from all over the world as I remember it. Because it is so popular, a tourist might expect quite a lot from this lovely paradise. Many visitors have been taken aback the moment they arrive in Palawan. For example in the past it was really hard to get money here.

DevelopmentsGetting Money Around Palawan

Things have clearly improved during the last 10 years. New businesses are rising up everywhere you go. Banks have either improved services or new ones were added. I am talking particularly in Puerto Princesa City. Of course, hotels, Inns, Pension Houses and B&Bs have sprung like mushrooms. And, oh, did I mention we have now 3 operating malls? I can keep writing about the changes that are taking place. Step by step I will be addressing different issues that most people face when visiting Palawan.

ATMs Around Puerto Princesa

Getting Money Around Palawan

BPI and Security Banks in Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City

Getting cash for a tourist was not so bad if you are in Puerto Princesa 10 years ago. ATMs are found normally in the bank entrances or in the Provincial Capitol building. It was and still is the easiest way of getting some cash here.
Tourists especially find it easier, in a way, than going to a bank and wait the whole day to finish a simple bank withdrawal. I am not exaggerating. Service in the Philippines is generally ok but tends to be really slow.

(Tip: Please be aware that slow customer service is generally most common among banks and government agencies in the Philippines.)

Today, ATMs are scattered around Puerto Princesa City proper and in all the malls. It is so much easier not to get money than 10 years ago.

Warning for TouristsGetting Money Around Palawan

For tourists who have plans on going to El Nido check this out: You can now use your international cards to withdraw money! You can find an ATM by the Municipal Hall.
BPI is opening soon a new branch in El Nido, so that will make things much easier.
Again, for international tourists, please be aware that there is often Php 200.00 ( USD 4.29 as of 08/13/2016) standard charge on your foreign card withdrawal. This is on top of your bank fees and the exchange rate that you will be charge by your bank.

I guess still the best way to make sure that you have enough money is to get your cash in Puerto Princesa City before heading off to the other smaller towns in Palawan. Just to avoid hassle in case the ATMs in the place you will be going doesn’t work. El Nido for example has a scheduled power cut daily so there is a danger that your card will be stuck in the machine.

Withdrawal Limit

Getting Money Around Palawan

Philippine Business Bank Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City

Philippine ATMs has a usual limit of Php 10,000 per withdrawal or transaction. This just means that if you wish to withdraw Php 20,000, you will be paying the foreign card fee of Php 200 twice. In some banks, anyone can withdraw Php 20,000 in one go. Looks like the new-comer Philippine Business Bank located by the Chinese-fast food Chowking can even give you Php 30,000 in one dispensing. So it really depends which bank’s ATM you use. But the the whole thing sums up to a very expensive and limited way of getting your money. But, I guess, like what somebody have told me: “… if you are just on a holiday I guess it’s ok.”

The following is a list of the common banks with ATMs and their withdrawal limits.
Please note that the information may change without prior notice and depending on the location or bank branch.


Withdrawal Limit


Php10,000 x 2 = Php 20,000 p/d


Php10,000 x 2 = Php 20,000 p/d

RCBCPhp 50,000 per day (check with local branch – Puerto Princesa 2xPhp10,000)

Php 20,000 p/d

We will let you know in the future articles for the changes or new updates on how to get money when you are in Palawan. For now, we hope that the information given above might be helpful to get an idea about this topic.


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