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Palawan is becoming a very popular island in the Philippines or really in Southeast Asia. It’s beaches and landscapes are becoming a favorite for many travelers around the globe. It has

Palawan Roads

Typical local road in Palawan Culandanum-Panalingaan Road connecting Bataraza and Rizal approx.120km or 74.56m long

become one of the major tourist places in the country along with Boracay and Cebu. With this growing popularity, there is one issue Palawan is facing: infrastructure.

For those who are coming to Palawan from other big cities will find out quite quickly how laid-back this heavenly island is. Side streets are often really muddy when rainy. When it’s summertime, roads get very dusty. A motorbike rider needs to wear a simple mask for more comfortable breathing while driving. Even jeep or multicab passengers would be adviced

Palawan Roads

Barangay Bahile, Puerto Princesa road under construction 2014

to use a mask. It is also a shock for many tourists, both foreign and local, to travel and experience the epic and looong bumpy roads along the way to destination — often El Nido, San Vicente or Underground River.

During the last 5 years, we have seen a great improvement in our infrastructure in the main city and it’s neighboring municipalities.
As you can see on the photos, you can compare how the roads were and how they are now. Since Puerto Princesa is the main city it sees the most improvements.

Slowly, the government is working on widening and concreting roads as well as building

Palawan Roads

Bridge in Coron April 2016

bridges all across the island. These recent improvements have cut down traveling time. For example, Puerto

Princesa to San Vicente normally takes 4 hours of travel. Today, it can be done in 3 hours. Another example take Puerto Princesa to El Nido. It took normally about 8-10 hours, but today it takes about 6-7 hours.
Although we still have a long way to go, but as we have seen continued road improvements,

Palawan Roads

Puerto Princesa – El Nido Road

we have high hopes for Palawan that one day there will be smooth road from North to South.

Yes, we have high hopes, also because of the new President Duterte. President Duterte have served a city in the south called Davao for decades. Davao City, in Mindanao, has a very impressive infrastructure for a Philippine province. As a result we will keep an eye on more infrastructure improvements not only in Palawan but in the Philippines in general.

Some tourists ask us if we think it is worth visiting Palawan? Is it worth the hassle? We would

Palawan Roads

Paved road leading to San Vicente, Palawan

say it is! The island is such a great beauty. What it lacks on the road it definitely makes up with it’s water, beaches, cliffs, corals and skies. Sometimes we need to have a ‘little’ sacrifice before we get mesmerized. Besides, Palawan is an adventure island.


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